Join the Summer LinkedIn Challenge and Stay Active This Summer!

Join the Summer LinkedIn Challenge and Stay Active This Summer!

Our oldest daughter came home very excited from school last week to tell us about the summer reading program at our local library.

She explained how all she had to do was read for 25 days, and if she did, she could go back to the library and win a prize.

Those simple programs are designed to keep kids engaged with reading and learning over the summer. And... it works!

So this year, we're (through Roloff Consulting) bringing that same spirit of engagement and growth with our Summer LinkedIn Challenge!

Just like those reading programs kept you turning pages, our challenge will keep you active on LinkedIn, helping you grow your network and share your insights all summer long.

Why Join the Summer LinkedIn Challenge?

Summer can be a busy time, but it's also an opportunity to stay engaged and build your personal brand.

The Summer LinkedIn Challenge is designed to help you maintain an active presence on LinkedIn throughout the summer months. It's a little nudge of accountability to keep you going.

From June 17th to August 11th, we'll support you in making consistent contributions to your professional community.

How the Challenge Works

  1. Post Frequency: Make two original posts on LinkedIn each week.
  2. Originality: Reposts don’t count—share your own insights, stories, and ideas.
  3. Duration: The challenge runs for 8 weeks, from June 17th through August 11th.
  4. Winning Criteria: Complete the challenge by posting for at least 7 out of 8 weeks.
  5. Progress Tracking: We’ll send out weekly updates with a chart of participant completions.

Prizes to Keep You Motivated

  • Sticker: Everyone who participates is eligible to receive a Larry the Lurker (more to come on him) sticker.
  • Catalyst Community T-shirt: Complete 7 out of the 8 weeks to become eligible for an exclusive Catalyst Community t-shirt.

Your Summer To Grow

Just as the Summer Reading Challenge encourages kids to keep reading and learning, our Summer LinkedIn Challenge encourages you to stay active and engaged on LinkedIn.

By committing to just two posts a week, you’ll ensure that you remain visible, connected, and influential within your professional network, even during the busy summer months.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Increased Visibility: Regular posts will keep you top of mind with your connections.
  • Stronger Network: Engaging with your network through posts can lead to new opportunities and relationships.
  • Personal Growth: Sharing your expertise and experiences will enhance your confidence and establish you as a thought leader.
  • Accountability: Joining the challenge will give you some extra accountability to stay active and create content.

Sign Up Now!

Ready to take on the challenge? Sign up today and commit to staying active on LinkedIn this summer. Let’s make this summer your most engaging yet!

Whether you're at the beach (or lake house) , on vacation, or simply enjoying the warmer weather, you can stay connected and make meaningful contributions to your professional community with just two posts a week.

Enjoying some family time up at a lake house.

Join us for the Summer LinkedIn Challenge and keep your professional growth going strong all summer long!

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